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INC Contracts

Below are the addresses of INC's main contracts.

INCToken0x07833afE46E945296e842e295DC6FCB329E38899INC Token contract
TokenOffer0xa6B479Da6Dd33954Af2C847CAb4b0097fBaF7681Initial offer - Phase 1
SurveyConfig0xE06cC1927423CB020e9aDa389F74B2834fa7eB9AGlobal protocol settings
SurveyEngine0x4f1Aa41a535Ede6AB321ce3C39597123B13391e0Survey protocol engine, responsible for verifying and adding surveys and participations.
SurveyStorage0x8ca11A221b221647645dDBf8bB380886Ae645478It stores the addresses of surveys and participations and provides all the necessary functions to access the stored data.
SurveyValidator0xc6F391aBA8F8cb5c3D698432E43d3d718CaF8e7CContains functions to validate the parameters of surveys and participations.
SurveyFactory0x3607B52c00D3665302f016EfB568B14fa9C3ee83Survey factory, is responsible for creating new surveys through the ISurveyImpl interface.
INCForwarder0x4e493b52aa191fA82ACd9327A0beb0f50Df19457Is responsible for receiving the signed meta-transactions containing the participation transactions and executes them through a low-level call.
INCGovernor0x9a342e71abEab4B9F47Daf520D4C8df3bE938153DAO governance contract
TimelockController0xcA0fc4eE85b8AFF05dAC6510a1d3452E7d8C56eaContract module which acts as a timelocked controller. When set as the owner of an Ownable smart contract, it enforces a timelock on all onlyOwner maintenance operations. This gives time for users of the controlled contract to exit before a potentially dangerous maintenance operation is applied.
TokenLock0x0f43e8D8612255803293747302435D6846042F2dBlocking contract, progressively releases the tokens during the indicated time.