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Incentive (INC) is an utility and governance token that was born to support a set of projects that allow the use of incentives to promote collaboration and cooperation, some completed and others in process. INC is built on Polygon, which addresses Ethereum's limitations, such as transaction speed, throughput, and gas fees.

INC Survey

INC Survey is a survey protocol based on INC and as such, allows on the one hand that the company develops a questionnaire with the appropriate questions to collect opinions and promote the brand and on the other, that users participate and receive an incentive in exchange for their collaboration.
It is the first and only survey protocol on the blockchain where an ecosystem based on trust is forged, which benefits both brands and consumers.

Context for INC

  • Website: The main website of INC.
  • Survey Platform: The interface where you can create or participate in surveys.
  • Documentation: The documentation website (this).
  • Twitter: The official INC Twitter account.
  • Discord: Where the users can get support and the community can hang out.
  • Email: Our contact email.

Context for Governance

  • Snapshot: For off-chain voting on proposals.
  • Tally: View INC DAO information on proposals, Delegates, and delegate your voting power.